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Windows SharePoint Services, Documents & Username/Password Prompts

Putting an intranet live using Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) was probably one of the better ideas I had last year, however there is one thing that over time has become more and more annoying and that is the username and password prompt that is always displayed when opening a document (whether it is Word, Excel, Publisher or PowerPoint) in either read only or edit mode.

After being grumbled at for the 100th time this week, I thought it was about time that I got to the bottom of it - I had tried before, but nothing seemed to make a difference and it wasn't that high on the priority list.

Eventually I stumbled across a Microsoft KB article ( which outlined the cause of the problem - IE + Vista and a site that uses a FQDN.

It would appear that the WebClient/WinHTTP service ignores the security zone settings within IE which would explain why previous solutions I've read on this problem never seemed to work for me (they all revolved around making changes to the IE configuration), well unless you wanted to make IE exceptionally insecure that is...

It's worth noting that the registry changes still worked even though the machines were running Vista SP1 and some of the file dates/versions were lower than those listed within the article.

Oh... don't forget to restart the WebClient service (I missed that first time around)... 

Anyhow, yet another little problem fixed.


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