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FormShield and Donationware

One question I'm bound to be asked is why have I made FormShield v2.0 donationware rather than commercial and why haven't I continued to offer it for free.

Well, starting at the end first - FormShield is still totally free for personal and commercial use and you are still able to distribute it with your applications without 'donating' a penny (or dime), providing you don't charge for it of course!

Ok, so if it's free why the ' adverts'?

Well, when something is offered for free (or donationware), it's too easy to just take it, use it and forget about it. I've done it, you've done, everyone does it. By having a couple of 'gentle' reminders, it prompts us to think "Actually I do use this a lot more than I initially thought, I'm going to pay something for this". Of course that's the idea, whether it works or not is another matter!

If it doesn't, I should at least end up with more people using FormShield and hopefully some of them will donate!

Why donationware?

 The idea behind making FormShield donationware is simple:

  • Some people have suggested it as they would like to contribute towards future development of FormShield and other controls.
  • FormShield is a complex control and because of this it has taken a large amount of time to create.
  • I don't get paid for doing this - in fact it actually costs me money!
  • I didn't want to restrict the overall functionality of FormShield.

Why not commercial?

The problem with making anything commercial is it removes it from the realm of being a hobby which is all my controls are at the end of day. Yes, they were initially written for other projects, but those projects didn't need me to write new versions. Also, I don't have time to support another commercial venture, I spend most of my time working as it is! I also hate writing documentation and examples, both of which I would need to do to make FormShield commercial.

I also didn't want to stop the smaller Web sites and hobbyists from using FormShield because they couldn't afford to pay the 'commercial' (per Web site in some cases) license fees.

Right, so it's totally free if I don't mind the occasional '' advert?


Are all of your existing controls and future controls moving to donationware?

No. Only FormShield, but if you want to send a donation for the others please feel free!

If I release future controls (quite likely as I'm starting a new project shortly which will probably require custom controls) they may or may not be donationware. More than likely the first versions won't be.

I want to donate - How much?

Firstly, thank you!

Secondly, whatever you want. Its not that I don't care how much you donate, I don't know your circumstances or how widely you use my controls. If you're working for a Web design agency and you use my controls on two hundred Web sites, perhaps you should be thinking more than the one guy who adds it to his blog, but at the end of the day it's entirely up to you, I'm just happy you're going to donate!


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